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You’re human, so show it in your videos!

By - Kirsty - 18th August 2017

Being successful in business doesn’t mean that you should interact like a robot.

Too much smooth-talking and careful scripting can reduce the impact of your film.

Authentic video content is key to gaining trust in your brand. Here are 8 ways to boost your transparency and appeal.

1) Remember that people are unlikely to trust those behind the business if they’re invisible.

It might be tempting to let somebody else tell your story for you. Being on camera can be nerve-wracking, after all. But nobody knows the business as well as the people at its heart.

Your audience will be more inclined to engage with a brand if they’re able to put a face to the name. So don’t be afraid of the talking head interview.

2) Doing interviews? Don’t let your interviewees practice their answers.

It is so tempting to ask for a list of questions in the days leading up to filming. Your contributors will probably need a rough idea of the subjects you’ll be covering, but don’t enable them to prepare answers.

If they rehearse over and over again, they’ll sound disingenuous. It’s also stressful trying to remember a script word-for-word.

Encourage them to talk as they would to a friend over a coffee. Their answers will be both animated and dynamic, and will resonate better with your audience.

3) Give yourself enough time.

Making a video is a big investment, so don’t waste the opportunity to get your message out effectively.

Blustering into an interview with a zillion items on their mental to-do list will negatively impact on how your contributors come across on camera.

Schedule more time than you think you’ll need, so that you have a bumper if you need it. Encourage them to take a quiet five minutes beforehand, to compose themselves and relax.

It’s reassuring to know that you have enough time at the end of the interview to go back and ask questions again, or to cover new areas that may have been missed.

4) Give an insight into a working day.

Rather than mocking up scenarios, such as a fake meeting or lunch with colleagues, feature genuine interactions in your film.

If the CEO gets the bus to work with a neighbour, then film it.

Use real life to tell your story.

5) People want to know how a business can help them.

You need to show them the ways in which you’re different from your competitors, and the product or service is unique to you.

Remember that video is a visual medium. You need to show [visually], not tell.

6) Be a rebel.

Choose a style and concept that perfectly fits the brand, and don’t be railroaded into alternatives by those who don’t know the business as well as you do.

Buck the trend if you need to.

It can be useful to have a nosey at your competitors’ marketing tactics, but doing the complete opposite to others might well get you more attention.

Don’t sacrifice your authenticity and unique style to fit into a plan you’re unhappy with.

7) Don’t be afraid that you’ll appear unprofessional.

You may have a vision in your head, of how a leader or business person speaks and interacts.

But in our politically turbulent world, audiences are cynical about being told exactly what they want to hear by smooth talkers.

Honesty and straight-talking will reassure your clients that they can trust you.

8) Give people the chance to feel something.

Facts tell and emotions sell.

By using your film to evoke an emotion, you’re more likely to keep people watching and you’ll also boost its shareability.

If you’re passionate about your business, then show your audience how much it means to you.

Behind the scenes videos can have a powerful effect on your business.

Make your viewers laugh; sharing your outtakes might feel like a nightmare come true, but it’ll make your content both memorable and human.

About the Author

Kirsty Hemming - Head of Digital

Kirsty is a highly experienced producer having previously worked at the BBC and ITV before joining Swift Films.

Kirsty now specialises in digital marketing and analytics. She devises strategies and works on marketing campaigns to ensure that our clients’ videos reach their target audience.