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Why is fast turnaround content so effective? Let us tell you a brief story. Edinburgh was sprinkled with a light dusting of snow one night. The following morning we filmed the sun coming up. As an experiment we edited and published the footage online before 8.30am on the same day–less than a two hour turnaround.

It was subsequently shared widely on social media and had over 3000 views within 4 hours, by which time the snow had all but vanished.

By contrast, we produced a short film about Edinburgh’s infamous Loony Dook on New Year’s Day. Owing to the Bank holiday and the birth of a baby (!) the film was not edited for a further 48 hours. By this time we had missed the boat. Interest in the event had peaked and we missed capitalizing on the prime audience.

That’s not to say that there wasn’t interest in the final film, but viewing figures could have been substantially increased if we had published it more quickly.

The lesson here is that sometimes you need to act swiftly if you want your video to maximize its impact. The timing of your delivery is all important and can have a dramatic effect on viewer response.

If you have a time critical project that you would like to produce, we can help. We can provide fast turnaround production services and help devise a strategy for you to engage the largest audience.

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