Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Use motion graphics in your video to communicate specific facts or key information succinctly and visually.

Motion graphics can include (but are not limited to) text, title screens, facts and statistics, animated logos, stings, title sequences and name astons.

When combined with live action footage, motion graphics can really add an additional layer of high production value, making your video look slick and professional.

Motion graphics are an ideal way to present data-heavy concepts. They will help keep your viewer interested and avoid information-overload.

We use motion graphics to emphasise and support your message. We’re storytellers first and foremost, so we never lose sight of the story or key message that you’re trying to tell.

Far from being just an add-on to your video project, we create captivating 2D or 3D motion graphics that will really bring your video to life.

Create once and use again

As with animation production, the design work involved with motion graphics means that the collateral can be used across your business. Create consistent branding by using elements of animation and motion graphics on your company’s website and in printed material.

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