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Embrace the power of customer endorsement

Video testimonials are perhaps the most effective way to convert prospective customers into paying clients. Here are five reasons why.

1) They build trust

Video testimonials are personal and engaging. You can see the person speaking so there is an air of authenticity that you don’t get in written testimonials.

When that person giving the testimonial is a well-known face or celebrity, it provides your business with an even greater level of credibility. Thank you Noel Edmonds for your video testimonial on Swift Films!

2) They don’t sound like sales talk

It’s easy for a company to talk about the fantastic service they provide. However when these words come from a paying customer,it’s a much more effective way of convincing your audience without putting them off.

3) People would rather watch a video than read text

The attention span of internet users is diminishing. People prefer to watch videos now to avoid having to strain their eyes reading text.

According to Marketing Sherpa, viewers spend 100% more time on web pages with video on them. In today’s impatient online world, videos are faster to consume.

4) They make your business look professional

With good production values, a video testimonial really reflects well on your brand or business. You’re showing your customers that you know how to present yourself professionally and that creates a great first impression.

5) They’re easily shareable via social media and email marketing

Brevity is key to a powerful video testimonial. Short and succinct customer testimonials work wonders for sharing on social media.

Using a customer testimonial video in an email can help click through rates by 65% (B2B marketing).

Swift Films has been working with RAC on a series of customer testimonial videos.

These videos are credited with, “…being integral to some of the customer wins that we’ve had recently as a business, which is a mark of their quality.”

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