The employer branding agency ThirtyThree approached us to produce a series of films to help promote AXA as a global employer with fantastic opportunities for graduates.

The main film featured four employees currently on the AXA graduate scheme. Through a scripted voice over, the film reveals the highlights of their career to date and the opportunities that AXA has given them.

The film starts with an establishing shot of all four graduates in a coffee shop before we hear their individual stories.

To maintain the viewer’s interest, we felt that the film needed to be less than 2 minutes in duration. Essentially this equated to about 25 seconds of screen time per story.

The graduate film was shot in Bristol making extensive use of an arced motorised slider to add subtle camera movement into shots where the graduates themselves were static.

To complement the style and the branding of AXA’s graduate campaign, we introduced elements of motion graphics and animation.

This was used subtly throughout all five films but helped to emphasise key words, phrases and statistics that were thought to be big selling points for the graduate scheme.

The use of motion graphics also helped to individualise each of the characters and make their short stories unique.

In order to bring out the personalities of the graduates, we spent a morning filming them against a green screen.

In keeping with the style of the animation and motion graphics, we then had some key text and personal details appear on screen next to them.

The main graduate film was produced as the template for the other films in this project.

This helped set the style, tone and pace for the entire project and allowed the client to approve this before it was applied to the remaining films.

We then set about producing the remaining four films, which were filmed in London, Tunbridge Wells, Leicester and Bristol.

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