Green Screen

What is green screen?

Filming against a green screen is a technique used in the film and television industry. When a subject is filmed against a green screen, the magic of post production allows us to superimpose any virtual world or background in place of the green. It’s a technique commonly used in television weather forecasts.

What is green screen used for?

Green screen is used for a number of reasons, but first and foremost for videos which may incorporate heavy post-production, animation or motion graphics work.

Green screen works well for filming interviews or pieces to camera in flat locations where the background is particularly uninspiring, such as an office board room or meeting room.

Portable green screen

We provide a portable green screen set up which is perfect for simple talking head interviews or one-man presentations.

For more elaborate green screen work, such as full length shots, working with groups of people, or shots which require a lot of movement we can take care of hiring out a green screen studio.

Why green?

Green is the colour furthest removed from human skin, which makes its extraction easier. Blue screen is also commonly used, but we avoid this because we find people tend to wear a lot more blue coloured clothing.

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