Using animation in an online video is one of the most compelling ways to communicate a message.

It’ s engaging, gets great attention, cuts through the noise of traditional communications and compared to static content will have a huge impact on your target audience.

Animation is the perfect tool for delivering complex processes or hard to visualise ideas. It works really well for showing the inner workings of technology and innovative software.

Animation video also works very well for communicating messages which are data heavy. Motion graphics are a great tool for connecting with your viewer and communicating a lot of information visually and succinctly.

We have years of experience of producing a range of animation styles, from hand-drawn stop motion to 3D animation, to visual effects and motion graphics. We tailor the design and style of every animation video to your specific need.

But crucially, we understand the importance of telling a story to really help make your animation video hit home. Combining strong storytelling with engaging animated visuals is a sure fire way to engage your audience.

If you would like a free copy of our ‘Brief Guide to Animation Production’ document which outlines the animation production process and how we work with clients, please get in touch.

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