London Borough of Tower Hamlets

After a formal tender process, we began working with the London Borough of Tower Hamlets as their chosen provider to create a film which would encourage residents of the borough to get involved with what was being built in their neighbourhood.

Previously, the client had tried unsuccessfully to make a live action film talking about the subject. This approach had failed primarily because the subject matter was too complex and talking heads simply didn’t engage the audience.

We proposed that we make a colourful animated film – almost like a short cartoon – about a character living in Tower Hamlets. The character actively engages with the planning process and sees the personal benefits that this brings to his surroundings.

One of the great benefits of producing an animation film was that the client could make use of the various animated assets we created. For instance the character of the man and his dog became icons for the whole campaign and were able to be used in other promotional material, such as banner advertisements. This was a great way of providing additional value to the client.


“Swift Films did a fantastic job developing the Tower Hamlets animation film. Creative and imaginative, they interpreted our ideas and requirements and turned them into a reality. The end product has been successful in its launch and well received.”

Helen Smith, Community Planning Officer, London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

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