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Short films about the most beautiful city in the world

Swift Films relocated its business to Edinburgh at the start of 2014. Since we moved to this beautiful location, we have been producing short documentary films about the city and its institutions.

The idea behind these films is to create a collection of short films which celebrates the city and reveals some of its hidden gems.

Often these short documentaries are unfunded and are produced for the love of making them. Outside of paid work, we like to hone our craft, try out different techniques and produce short films about our community that people might like to watch and share.

To date the films that we have produced have proved to be very popular.

Ian Rankin’s Secret Edinburgh garnered over 20,000 views in a week after being shared widely on social media. This was our first foray into aerial filming.

The Jenners Christmas Tree film helped to demystify the process of how the huge Christmas tree is installed in this iconic department store.

Our short film about The Old Royal High School which opened in 1829 outlines why it’s essential to preserve this iconic piece of Scottish heritage.

This film has been credited with opening up the wider debate about what happens to this important building of the Scottish Enlightenment.

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