Emergency: Firefighters

Emergency: Firefighters takes a behind-the-scenes look at the demanding work of the Avon Fire and Rescue Service in the UK. With exclusive access to real life emergencies and rescue operations, this six part television documentary series for ITV and Sky discovers the devastating impact of fire and other emergencies on the one million residents of the Avon region.

From house fires and plane crashes to road traffic collisions and deliberate arson, no day is ever the same for one of one of the busiest Fire Services in the UK. Uncover the personalities behind the uniforms as we follow a range of firefighters across the region; from those working in the busy inner-cities to the part–timers in the more rural areas.

Over the course of the series, Emergency: Firefighters also follows the rigorous training process for 12 new recruits as they battle an unrelenting schedule to become fully-fledged firefighters. After 3 months of intensive and gruelling exercises, the series culminates in the award of the coveted ‘silver axe’ to most deserving and promising trainee.

Emergency: Firefighters was Swift Films’ first broadcast commission. The series was picked up by a distributor and broadcast all over the world.

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