Graffiti: From Tags to Riches

A one-off documentary for Sky Arts and ITV looking at how far Graffiti and street art has come in the 21st century. Artists, like Bristol’s prodigal son Banksy, who were once considered vandals with criminal convictions, now see their work sold at prestigious art auctions for tens of thousands of pounds. But, graffiti is still illegal and continues to divide communities over where vandalism ends and art begins.

Narrated by graffiti pioneer Goldie, the film examines how graffiti and street art has evolved from social menace to acceptable artform. It asks what motivates graffiti-writers to paint illegally, and what issues and contradictions the gentrification of a once vilified sub-culture raises.

Graffiti: from Rags to Riches was nominated for ‘Television Programme of the year’ at the South West Media Awards. It was the pick of the day in the Sunday Times, The independent and the Daily Telegraph.

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