Video can play a huge role in attracting and retaining top talent.

Businesses are two or three times more likely to improve recruitment and customer satisfaction after implementing video (Aberdeen report 2016).

Recruitment video specialists

We’ve worked on big recruitment campaigns for large corporations like AXA and Aviva, insurance companies such as LV=, Endsleigh and NFU Mutual, and we’ve also produced recruitment videos for the likes of Halfords, Ocado and The National Trust.

We understand the key considerations your business needs to make when producing a recruitment video.

The power of storytelling

Stories are the most effective way to communicate a message. And storytelling is our expertise.

It’s important to find a relatable human story that is going to appeal to the types of people you want to work for your organisation.

No matter what industry your company works in, we can help you find that story. Once we’ve found it, we nurture and mould it into an effective video that will persuade and convince prospective employees about the virtues of your organisation.

Day in the life videos

A simple way to showcase your business and provide an insight into what it’s like to work there, is the ‘Day in the Life’ video.

These videos have a clearly defined structure and are simple and straightforward to produce.

They usually tell the story of what an employee (or a small group of employees) gets up to on a typical day.

The most effective ‘Day in the Life’ videos focus on how that person feels rather than what they do. This is the approach we took to producing a ‘Day in the Life’ video for EDF Energy a young female apprentice working on a nuclear power station.

Get your recruitment video seen by the right people

Producing an exceptional recruitment video is half the battle. We need to ensure that your video gets seen by the right people.

We can help with content marketing and devise strategies to attract the right talent, ensuring that your recruitment video achieves what it sets out to do.

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