Embrace the power of storytelling to sell your property

We understand the power of storytelling in how people make purchasing decisions.

Purchases are inspired by emotion. We bring our memories, our history and hopes for the future with us when making purchasing decisions – especially for big life-affirming decisions like buying a house.

A brilliant way to generate that emotion is by creating a story about your property that resonates and that viewers (or potential buyers) will care about.

When selling a property, producing a heartfelt video from the current owners about what drew them to the house and what they love about it can have a profound effect on its selling potential.

Potential buyers are drawn in and they can relate. And when they can relate, they can start to visualise themselves living in the property that you’re selling. That’s when there’s a much greater chance of a sale.

The video above is credited with helping to sell a property within seven days after it had been on the market for over two years.

Importance of a high quality product

Of course the quality of the property that you’re selling in the first place must be high. As such, this service really lends itself well to high-end properties.

A quality property combined with a great story will spark buyers’ interest. However the production values of the finished video must also reflect the quality of the house.

Qualified aerial filmmakers and photographers

Our expertise in storytelling also extends to filming properties to make them look exquisite.

We are fully licenced by the Civil Aviation Authority to operate a drone for commercial filming and photography purposes . We hold a Permit For Commercial Operation (PFCO) and are fully insured.

We have a range of tools at our disposal to make your property look beautiful. From 3 axis gimbals (steadicams) to motorised sliders and the aforementioned drone, we can make your property look better than ever.

Once your video has been produced, we can also help get it seen by the right people. Our services extend to content marketing and strategic advice about how to distribute your video for maximum effect.

To find out more about how storytelling can greatly enhance the chances of selling your property, or to enquire about using our aerial filming and photography services, please get in touch.

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