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Harness the power of video for the food and drink industry

We are experts in video production and marketing. We use the power of storytelling to produce effective videos that engage target audiences.

We have produced videos directly for clients in the food and drinks industry and have experience of working with agencies and marketing departments to produce engaging food and drink videos.

Tell the story behind your food and drink product

We believe that the power of storytelling can have a profound effect on your ability to communicate your message.

Every food and drink product has a story to tell, whether that be its manufacturing process or how it was initially conceived.

We work with food and drink firms to uncover the most powerful stories beneath your products.

Then we work out the best way of telling your story, whether that be through animation,  motion graphics,  live action filming or an explainer video.

Once your video has been produced, we can help with getting it seen by the right people so that you get the maximum return on your investment.

Our clients

When we were commissioned by the agency DNA to produce a short video for their client Hall and Woodhouse, we took an unusual approach to making a short promotional video about their flagship gastropub in Bath.

We used the building’s history as an auction house as the concept and story behind the video.

We’ve also worked on videos for the likes of Glendola Leisure, whisky manufacturers Glenmorangie and Wiltshire farm foods.

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