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10 quick stats you should know about online video

By - Richard - 12th January 2015

Why not let the start of 2015 be the perfect opportunity to embrace the power of online video for your company? Never has there been a better time to harness the marketing potential of an online film. Why, you may ask? Well, let me elaborate:

1) Viewers spend 100% more time on web pages with videos on them (Marketing Sherpa).

2) 50% of those who viewed a marketing video went on to make a purchase for their business.

3) Video promotion is over six times more effective than print and online (b2bmarketing.net).

4) Video content can increase the chances of front page Google ranking by 53 times (Forrester Research).

5) 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others (Invodo).

6) Video in the subject of emails increases click through rate by 7-13% (Experian).

7) 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.

8.) Watching online videos is now a mainstream activity in its own right. 78% of people watch at least once a week and 55% watch every day.

9) YouTube accounts for over 28% of all Google searches (b2bmarketing.net)

10) Econsultancy estimates videos in universal search results have a 41% higher click through rate than plain text results.

If you’d like to have a chat about producing an online film, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss any ideas.

About the Author

Kirsty Hemming - Head of Digital

Kirsty is a highly experienced producer having previously worked at the BBC and ITV before joining Swift Films.

Kirsty now specialises in digital marketing and analytics. She devises strategies and works on marketing campaigns to ensure that our clients’ videos reach their target audience.