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End of the Road

Desperate to dispel the ridicule of their peers, two life-long friends attempt to travel 4000 miles across seven countries and the Sahara desert in a car bought for 100 pounds.

With no prior knowledge of car mechanics, two of London’s brightest young stand-up comics, Alexis Dubus and Sy Thomas, embark on an epic journey of friendship and self-discovery. Ridiculed by their friends for not having an ounce of common sense or resilience between them, Sy and Alexis are desperate to prove their doubters wrong.

After purchasing a second-hand car for £100, the pair embark on a fraught and highly eventful 4000 mile journey across seven different countries and a stretch of the Western Sahara Desert. But with no knowledge of car mechanics, they must rely on their charm and strength in adversity to have any chance of arriving at their destination in The Gambia. If successful in reaching their goal, their car (or what’s left of it) will be auctioned off for local charities.

With their passion for meeting people and visiting places of natural beauty and cultural importance, this unique documentary also offers a rare insight into the people, places and culture of Western Africa.

The film is a very intimate portrait of two engaging characters whose spirit of adventure and infectious enthusiasm far outweighs any fear of failure. Descending into some of the most inhospitable terrain known to man, every pitfall, pothole and breakdown is closely observed, both mechanical and human.

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Running Time: 73 Minutes
Director: Richard Nicholls
Producer: Richard Nicholls
Composer: Gareth Cousins
Guitar: Steven Price
Graphics: Mike Sadd
Original Format: HD Cam SR

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5 stars

“Excellent, inspirational film”
Love Film

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Nominated for a Bafta Scotland award

"End of the Road was the highlight of the New York International Film Festival" Films in a Flash - New York.

Award for the 'Best achievement by an upcoming filmmaker' - Newport International Film Festival

Los Angeles Movie Awards (Award of Excellence)

Los Angeles Movie Awards (Best Concept)

Shown at Canada's Adventure Fest 2010