Race Across The Atlantic

Battling sleep deprivation, salt sores and physical exhaustion, this unique one-off documentary offers a personal insight into the pain, loneliness and emotional extremes of a 2800-mile ocean rowing challenge.

Brought together by a mutual interest in punishing endurance sports, four intrepid young athletes compete with 25 other vessels in a two month-long rowing race across the Atlantic ocean. Departing from La Gomera in the Canary Islands, they row in pairs for consecutive shifts of two hours round the clock, facing conditions ranging from relentless sun to raging storms. A 29-foot long boat, just big enough to sleep 2 people, is home for their journey. Packed with provisions leaving very little space, the squalid, claustrophobic conditions only add to the physical pain.

Filmed in intimate detail, the film offers an unflinching portrait of their daily struggles. Regular video diaries captures extreme mood swings as they battle a punishing physical schedule. Weight loss, chafing and blisters are part of daily life, but overcoming the psychological battle is key to keeping themselves mentally fit to compete in the race.

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