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An epiphany whilst filming in Florence, Italy

By - Richard - 14th May 2022

Rich just had the pleasure of being asked to fly out to Tuscany in Italy to shoot a project for a client.

The brief was simple – make Florence and the surrounding Tuscan hills look beautiful. A simple enough job. You point your lens anywhere at the many masterpieces of renaissance architecture, art works and sprawling Tuscan landscapes and it’s a picture postcard.

The place is littered with cultural significance and is a filmmaker’s dream. This was Swift Films’ first work trip abroad in over two years. Covid has seen to this. And it has been particularly enlightening. Familiarity breeds contempt and whilst Scotland is beautiful in its own right, exploring a new destination was long overdue.

What Rich didn’t expect was the impact this trip would have on him. An epiphany if you like. Removed from the comfort of familiarity, wandering the streets of Florence with a camera in hand, Rich had a clear vision for his fledgling YouTube channel.

If you’re struggling for a breakthrough, do something different, go somewhere new, break the same habits and be open to the ideas that come from this.

About the Author

Richard Nicholls - Managing Director

Before launching Swift Films, Richard worked as a broadcast TV director and editor, working on programmes for the BBC, ITV and Sky.

A multi-skilled and technically-minded filmmaker, Richard is equally at home coming up with creative concepts as he is on location filming or pulling footage together in the edit suite.

Richard is a member of Independent Producers Scotland and has a love of cats, football, chocolate and Film Noir (in that order).